How to Setup Eclipse to Run Spark Programs Using Gradle as Build Tool

This post is to show detailed demo of setting up Eclipse with Gradle to run Spark Programs

Pavan Kulkarni

4 minute read

This post will give a walk through of how to setup your local system to test Spark programs. We will use Gradle as build tool. Additionally we will see how to run the same code using spark-submit command.


  1. Eclipse (download from here)
  2. Scala (Read this to Install Scala)
  3. Gradle (Read this to Install Gradle)
  4. Apache Spark (Read this to Install Spark)

Setup Eclipse and Run Sample Code.

  1. Clone the repo from this GitHub Repo

  2. Open eclipse. Go to File –> Import –> Gradle –> Existing Gradle Project


  3. Select Gradle in the next window.


  4. Add the root directory as the directory where you cloned the GitHub Repo. Click on next


  5. We set up Eclipse to read the installed Gradle. We will refer to Gradle that was installed using homebrew. Refer this post) to see how to install gradle using homebrew


  6. Upon successful gradle import, you should see this window


  7. My eclipse was defaulted to Scala 2.12. Since, Scala 2.12 version of Apache Spark drivers is not available on official maven repo site. So, we will have to downgrade our eclipse to Scala 2.11.


  8. Once everything is in place, your should see the project structure as below. Many a times, eclipse will complain about Scala file not being executable. In such cases, you will have to explicitly add “Scala Nature” to your project by doing “Right Click on Project –> Configure –> Add Scala Nature”


  9. Add input file name in Run Configurations



  10. To run the project, Right Click –> Run As –> Scala Application. You should see a sample output as below


Run with spark-submit Command

  1. Change directory to root of the project

    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$ pwd
    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$ ls -ltr
    total 360
    -rw-r--r--  1 pavanpkulkarni  staff     979 Apr 19 00:15 build.gradle
    drwxr-xr-x  3 pavanpkulkarni  staff      96 Apr 19 22:08 src
    -rw-r--r--  1 pavanpkulkarni  staff     657 Apr 19 22:09 settings.gradle
    drwxr-xr-x  3 pavanpkulkarni  staff      96 Apr 19 22:14 bin
    -rw-r--r--@ 1 pavanpkulkarni  staff  174511 Apr 19 22:16 data.txt
  2. Run gradle clean build to build the jar for our wordcount project

    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$ gradle clean build
    Starting a Gradle Daemon (subsequent builds will be faster)
    > Task :compileScala
    Pruning sources from previous analysis, due to incompatible CompileSetup.
    3 actionable tasks: 2 executed, 1 up-to-date

    Since I had already run the gradle clean build, I get the above message. If its, your first time, it will take a while to download all the dependencies before showing BUILD SUCCESSFUL message.

  3. Spark_WordCount_Gradle-1.0.jar will be generated under the build directory. This directory will be created after running gradle clean build command.

    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$ ls -ltr build/*
    total 0
    drwxr-xr-x  2 pavanpkulkarni  staff  64 Apr 19 23:23 compileScala
    drwxr-xr-x  3 pavanpkulkarni  staff  96 Apr 19 23:24 scala
    drwxr-xr-x  3 pavanpkulkarni  staff  96 Apr 19 23:24 jar
    total 16
    -rw-r--r--  1 pavanpkulkarni  staff  6489 Apr 19 23:24 Spark_WordCount_Gradle-1.0.jar
    total 0
    drwxr-xr-x  3 pavanpkulkarni  staff  96 Apr 19 23:24 scala
    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$
  4. Run the spark-submit as below

    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$ spark-submit --master local[4] --verbose --class com.pavanpkulkarni.wordcount.SparkWordCount build/libs/Spark_WordCount_Gradle-1.0.jar "data.txt"
    Using properties file: null
    Parsed arguments:
      master                  local[4]
      deployMode              null
      executorMemory          null
      executorCores           null
      totalExecutorCores      null
      propertiesFile          null
      driverMemory            null
      driverCores             null
      driverExtraClassPath    null
      driverExtraLibraryPath  null
      driverExtraJavaOptions  null
      supervise               false
      queue                   null
      numExecutors            null
      files                   null
      pyFiles                 null
      archives                null
      mainClass               com.pavanpkulkarni.wordcount.SparkWordCount
      primaryResource         file:/Users/pavanpkulkarni/Documents/workspace/Spark_WordCount_Gradle/build/libs/Spark_WordCount_Gradle-1.0.jar
      name                    com.pavanpkulkarni.wordcount.SparkWordCount
      childArgs               [data.txt]
      jars                    null
      packages                null
      packagesExclusions      null
      repositories            null
      verbose                 true
    (1  ,43)
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  AbstractConnector:318 - Stopped Spark@384fc774{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  SparkUI:54 - Stopped Spark web UI at
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  MapOutputTrackerMasterEndpoint:54 - MapOutputTrackerMasterEndpoint stopped!
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  MemoryStore:54 - MemoryStore cleared
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  BlockManager:54 - BlockManager stopped
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  BlockManagerMaster:54 - BlockManagerMaster stopped
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  OutputCommitCoordinator$OutputCommitCoordinatorEndpoint:54 - OutputCommitCoordinator stopped!
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  SparkContext:54 - Successfully stopped SparkContext
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  ShutdownHookManager:54 - Shutdown hook called
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  ShutdownHookManager:54 - Deleting directory /private/var/folders/nb/ygmwx13x6y1_9pyzg1_82w440000gn/T/spark-4e65152d-af0d-43e9-8a02-b592cb95a46e
    2018-04-19 23:33:35 INFO  ShutdownHookManager:54 - Deleting directory /private/var/folders/nb/ygmwx13x6y1_9pyzg1_82w440000gn/T/spark-e1d7509e-79da-40ba-8c4a-64a45745e19f
    Pavans-MacBook-Pro:Spark_WordCount_Gradle pavanpkulkarni$

Web UI Available at -

You can look up other ways yo submit Spark application here.


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